Birchwold Farm

Where we eat nothing with feet …


Our three Nigerian Dwarf Goats are still just doelings, born in March and April 2015. By 2017 we hope to have lots of goat milk and goat milk products for sale, and perhaps even a few kids. For now, we can offer cute photos of our mischievous goatlings wandering the yard and sometimes breaking into the house through our dog door.


Fresh Eggs & Honey

Our fresh eggs are sold the same week they are laid by our much-loved, wide-ranging, green-pastured hens fed natural forage and natural, unmedicated grains. Our honey is raw and unprocessed, strained by hand through a fine cloth. Our home and the 180 acres of conservation land adjoining us are pesticide-free. You can find our egg for sale at White Barn Farm in Wrentham, MA. In the off-season, order online and come pick up your eggs at our home.

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